Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Now Accepting Blackcoin

I will now be accepting Blackcoin payments for all Paracord Products on the site.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Product! Do It Yourself Lanyard and Bracelet Kits $4.75 each

Both kits will include two colors of your choice and the materials for you to craft your own lanyard or bracelet! The bracelet kits come with two colors of your choice, or you can get double of one color and a contoured buckle. The lanyard kits come with up to two colors, a cord stopper, and a metal swivel clasp.

I will include a printed list of Youtube videos to help you make these with your order. You will need to have a lighter, scissors, and a toothpick (and patience)

If you have not crafted anything like this before I would recommend sticking with a one color bracelet (It is far simpler to make). I will provide email assistance if you get stuck. They cost $4.75 each.

New Product! Introducing Minimaist Lanyards $4.75

I am introducing a new product called: The Minimalist Lanyard. This lanyard is built for survival. The lanyard is made from one long piece of cord that is 7 feet in length. The lanyards are about 20 inches in total length. When untied, this lanyard will give you a great amount of military grade Paracord 550 to use in a survival situation. Having one solid piece of cord gives you more potential and survival capabilities. The lanyard includes a metal swivel clasp. These lanyards can only be one color and cost $4.75 each.

Added payment support of Litecoin and Nyancoin!

Orders of either coin are now welcome! If you have a coin you wanted added to the payment support just email me at (you have to want to place an order with that coin to request it)

Monday, March 31, 2014

I now have Black Widow and Burgundy added to my available colors!

Both colors are added to the colors page as well. Don't forget about my sale going until 04/05/14 ! Every order gets a free mini lanyard and 10% off!